Building on CERN lxplus SLC 5 cluster

WARNING: These instructions are a work-in-progress

These instructions are a customized version of the general Building on Scientific Linux CERN 5 instructions.

The lxplus cluster is based on systems running SLC 5. The system python version 2.4.3 is insufficient for Synergia so the contract will download and build Python 2.7.4. The system has a variation of MPI which confuses the Synergia2 contract. As a consequence, the contract must be told to explicitly download and build openmpi.

The stable branch

git clone synergia2-stable
cd synergia2-stable
./ --configure openmpi_internal=1

The development branch

git clone -b devel synergia2-devel
cd synergia2-devel
./ --configure synergia2/branch=devel
./ --configure openmpi_internal=1

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