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h1. CMS Inner Tracker DAQ

h2. Quickstart instructions:

This code is an extension of the "*OTS-DAQ*": project and requires it to function. To setup OTS-DAQ use the instructions listed "*here*": for installing the core OTS-DAQ packages. *This must be done first!* Once the OTS-DAQ core dependencies are set up, the CMS Inner Tracker interface code can be included. N.B. If you are working on, you do not need to build the products since they are already installed in /data/ups.

If you are one of the project managers and plan on making modifications to the code, you can checkout the repository by doing the following assuming you have valid kerberos credentials,

cd $MRB_SOURCE # This is the 'srcs' directory that will be set in the course of setting up OTS-DAQ
mrb gitCheckout -d otsdaq_cmsinnertracker ssh://

Otherwise, you can just clone the directory using the http server,

cd $MRB_SOURCE # This is the 'srcs' directory that will be set in the course of setting up OTS-DAQ
mrb gitCheckout -d otsdaq_cmsinnertracker

Alternatively, if you do not have mrb set up, you can check out the code using git directly,

git clone otsdaq_cmsinnertracker

If you don't checkout using ssh, you will not be able to push your changes to redmine.

You now need to checkout the submodule Ph2_ACF running the following commands:
cd $MRB_SOURCE/otsdaq_cmsinnertracker/otsdaq-cmsinnertracker/Ph2_ACF
kinit user@CERN.CH
git submodule init
git submodule update
git fetch
git checkout -b Dev origin/Dev

Once the package is checked out, or if you are starting a new session, source the environment:

source /path/to/products/area/setup # e.g. /data/ups/setup
cd my/mrb/working/directory # This is where localProducts_otsdaq_* and *and* srcs resides
setup mrb
setup git
source local*/setup
source mrbSetEnv
mrb b # This compiles the code

h2. Structure

Ideally, everything that is needed for a user to run OTS-DAQ will be contained in the otsdaq_cmsinnertracker directory and the code in otsdaq, otsdaq_utilities, and otsdaq_components will not need to be touched. If there is a situation where you wish to modify part of the core code, it is advised to put in a request with one of the maintainers (Lorenzo, Ryan, or Eric).

Below there is a summary of some of the parts that need to be modified in order to set up communication with the experimental device.

h3. Interface

The FEInterface class tells OTS-DAQ how to communicate with front-end electronics and is found in:
All of the methods defined in the interface source can be called from the OTS-DAQ web interface.

h3. Configuration

Configuration files are kept in:

h2. Useful links

Wiki syntax "*here*":

Instructions for setting up the main version of OTS-DAQ using MRB: "*Off-the-Shelf DAQ*":