uMUX Chip Inventory

This is a reference on the available uMUX chips that we have at Fermilab. Please update as anything changes.

Name MUX factor NIST design Location Photoresist removed Mounted Bonded Defects Comment
uMUX 1 32x 300kHz-4.0 Lab D cleanroom Y N N microwave line shorted to GND previously bonded
uMUX 2 64x 100k v1 Lab D cleanroom Y Y Y (no pcb) used for bonding tests, heavily bonded input coils bonded; in parallel?
uMUX 3 32x uMUX 16c at Argonne, given to Gensheng Wang Y Y Y input coils bonded serially; not working?
uMUX 4 32x uMUX 16c Lab D cleanroom Y Y Y (no pcb) input coils not bonded; not working?
uMUX 5, chip 1 ((0,-7) W0 band 9) 64x uMUX v3.1 (check this) Lab D cleanroom Y Y Y tested in run 01, from bad fab batch
uMUX 5, chip 2 ((-1,-4) W0 band 8) 64x uMUX v3.1 (check this) Lab D cleanroom, gelpak N N N from bad fab batch
uMUX 6, chip 1 ((0,-6) W3 band 10) 64x uMUX 100k v2.0 Lab D cleanroom Y Y Y flux ramp shorted to GND photoresist removed, mounted in sample box, in cleanroom
uMUX 6, chip 2 ((-1,-4) W3 band 11) 64x uMUX 100k v2.0 in ADR, in 512x box Y Y Y

Abbreviated Assembly/Disassembly Log

Please add a line below whenever any parts of a uMUX package are modified, bonded, assembled, disassembled, etc. Log started 2020-01-16.

  • 2020-01-17: uMUX 1 removed from 512x box. uMUX 6 chip 2 removed from small box, then mounted in 512x box.
  • 2020-01-27: uMUX 6 chip 2 bonded in 512x box. uMUX 5 chip 1 removed from ADR and put in dry box in Lab D cleanroom.

Bonding Notes

2019-09-23 Bonding uMUX 2 for second time
2019-09-26 Bonding tests with uMUX 2
2019-10-01 Bonding, mounting, uMUX 5 chip 1
2019-10-01 Bonding, mounting, uMUX 6 chip 1
2019-12-20 Mounting detectors in 512x box
2020-01-09 Probing uMUX chips
2020-01-17 Installing uMUX 6 chip 2
2020-01-27 Bonding uMUX 6 chip 2 in 512x box

Assembly and Bonding Procedures

  • Clean photoresist off chip
  • Clean microwave launches
  • Check distances of chip from grounds
  • Check that enough glue has been applied to launches and chip (not "bouncy")

uMUX chip testing results