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Chris Stoughton, 12/06/2019 04:38 PM



Resonances seem be be between 5.2 to 5.4 GHz. Here is a photo of the network analyzer

Found 22 clear resonances using qtTools.findresonances

Phasestream shows a strange pattern in many channels.

Tried flux ramp, cannot see the fluxramp in the phase stream.


Some signs of flux ramp signal from umux, but strange.

above plot is for a flux a ramp input at 100Hz, a saw tooth wave 0-2.5V with 100% duty cycle.

Increased the flux ramp input to 0-4V, see something like the flux ramp, but with a lot of noise.

When the flux ramp input increased to -5V it disappears.

Lowered the flux ramp input back to -4V, Connected the signal cable from channel 2 of the pulse generator. (output turned off). See a distorted flux ram like signal.

fluxramp 0-3V. Signal is still turned off.

flux ramp input 0-1V. Signal still turned off.


We repeated the study, and see similar results, making sure to rotate and translate. This is also done with 50 Ohm terminators on both inputs.

Here is the time stream of phases

Power spectrum of phases, zoomed in around a few hundred Hz. The first peak is 125 Hz.

Capturing many phases

We ran streamToRamDisk for a few minutes and copied data to /home/stoughto/2019-12-06-umux5 and plotted phases for different channels. The variation seems to be correlated.