Cloud Program of Work

This Redmine site will track the overall cloud computing program of work as hosted by the Grid and Cloud Services Dept.
Eventually it will grow to have WBS, Gantt Charts, etc.

The Cloud Program of work includes the FermiCloud Project itself plus a set of smaller collaborative external projects and potentially some non-project research and development.

FermiCloud Project

This project is now focused on delivering on-demand scientific services to the Fermilab scientific program.
Our current WBS can be found

Argonne/Fermilab/BNL discussions

These discussions are exploring a potential collaboration between FermiCloud, BNL (Lauret), and the Phantom project at UC/Argonne (Keahey). Main collaboration areas include using Phantom to provision remote resources, and seeing if we can either make FermiCloud
a collaboration site within FutureGrid and/or access FutureGrid resources. Next meeting will be the

GCSO/SCD/OSG provisioning discussions

These are in early stages. OSG is interested in developing a model whereby OSG can provision compute cycles on various clouds
on behalf of various virtual organizations.

CMS discussions

Software prepackaging in VM's at tier 3--can we deploy pre-configured virtual machines?
Providing environment for Tier3's that is similar to the LPC--but easier to go out on the grid. A CMSConnect?
How to make HPC more easy to access.


Current WBS is here:

Final CRADA agreement is in docdb: