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Hours: 664.58

Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
06/01/2016 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #12694: Configure Jenkins instance. 3.00
05/26/2016 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #12693: Write up initial workflow config. 1.00
05/26/2016 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #12692: Review nova build process. 2.00
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Deployment Bug #12679: Add Constraints to the input forms. Will be in the next release 4.00
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Bug #12679: Add Constraints to the input forms. 2.00
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Task #12677: Implement dynamic graphs. Needs some code optimization 6.00
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Task #12674: Create a navigation path: this section will show the descent path used to reach the current page. As of today it will not improve user experience much 0.20
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Feature #12673: Create a navigation bar: This sections of the webpage will include links to the most important sections of the site. 0.20
11/10/2016 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Task #12666: Have intermediate status between failed and successful in the scripts. 8.00
07/12/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Requirements Task #12664: For each CI phase, for each platform, show information about resources usage (for example time and memory) in a time range that can be dynamically set. Needs elaboration 0.10
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