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01/26/2017 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #15335: Add support to submit jobs for a workflow splitted in n DAGs 8.00
12/30/2016 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #14817: Set up DAG configuration to submit jobs for the CI_tests_grid phase 8.00
11/10/2016 Michele Fattoruso Deployment Task #14398: Update the CI version used to the v0_6_0 8.00
11/10/2016 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Task #12666: Have intermediate status between failed and successful in the scripts. 8.00
09/29/2016 Vito Di Benedetto Implementation Task #13748: Add support to use the grid to run CI tests for Physics validation 10.00
04/06/2017 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Feature #15980: Allow the user to set a time range to see ci tests statistics Functionality extended to all the graphs available in the ci web application 12.00
01/26/2017 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Feature #15128: In the CI regression script add support to fetch input and references files 12.00
11/10/2016 Michele Fattoruso Administration Task #14396: Write documentation on how to setup the Workflow.cfg and the ci_tests.cfg 16.00
11/18/2016 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Feature #14167: Add a feature to update data products used by CI tests Featuture implemented and under testing 24.00
11/10/2016 Michele Fattoruso Implementation Feature #13912: Warn users who committed code that breaks a CI phase. 56.00
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