cetlib library overview

The cetlib C++ library serves as a home for numerous classes and functions of general applicability. While these components are not tied to any specific project, many of them did originate as part of some other project, and were factored out of their original home when it was recognized they had broader utility than originally envisioned.

Other than their broad applicability, there is no common theme unifying these tools. However, it is envisioned that as cetlib evolves, one or more selected subsets of these components may in future be factored out of cetlib into their own libraries.

See the release notes for changes.

cetlib_except library

A subset of the cetlib library is cetlib_except library, which includes exception utilities and a symbol demangler.

Categorized components (alphabetized by category)


Environment and files


Library and plugin management

Numerics and values

Pointers and references

SQLite utilities (introduced in 3.00.01)

String manipulation