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Lynn Garren, 03/26/2015 12:15 PM

CET build tools

cetbuildtools is a flavorless product that contains various utility scripts and templates used to
create a product according to the CET conventions.

cetbuildtools/templates (source:templates)
To use the templates in this directory, where XXX is the product name:
  1. cp setup_for_development.template <your-source-code>/ups/setup_for_development
  2. cp setup_deps.template <your-source-code>/ups/setup_deps
  3. cp <your-source-code>/ups/
  4. cp product_deps.template <your-source-code>/ups/product_deps
  5. Edit the list of required products and qualifiers in product_deps
  6. The ups convention is that product names will be all lower case.
  • This is a very simple example of how to build a product with cmake.
  • It contains source code, headers, and a test.
  • An executable and library are produced.
  • The "make install" step puts everything into a directory structure ready to create a relocateable ups tarball.
tools (source:bin): functionality list