cetbuildtools v3_xx_yy release notes

cetbuildtools version:"3.13.00"

  • new option DICT_FUNCTIONS for build_dictionary
  • add check_ups_version function
  • make sure NO_DEFAULT_PATH is used with find_library
  • Improve setup_dev message

cetbuildtools version:"3.12.01"

  • ignore comments when finding the cetbuildtools version
  • improve Fortran compiler recognition
  • Guard against a link library of *-NOTFOUND in basic_plugin.

cetbuildtools version:"3.12.00"

  • Import bulk of art simple_plugin functionality as basic_plugin.

cetbuildtools version:"3.11.00"

  • new product_deps options
  • fwdir <product_dir|fq_dir> fwdir_name
  • There is NO DEFAULT fwdir
  • If fwdir is specified, the directory will be added to FW_SEARCH_PATH in the product table file
  • define_pythonpath
  • if define_pythonpath is enabled, the PYTHONPATH variable will be set to the library path specified by libdir
  • new install_fw macro
    # install_fw( LIST file_list 
    #             [SUBDIRNAME subdirectory_under_fwdir] )
    # THERE ARE NO DEFAULTS FOR install_fw
  • new InstallPython cmake module
    # Usage: install_python([NO_INSTALL] SETUP_PY <>)
    #        install_python([NO_INSTALL] <OPTIONS>)
    # In the first usage mode, the specified user-provided file
    # will be invoked to build and install the files at the right
    # time. Apart from the optional NO_INSTALL, other options and arguments
    # are not permitted.
    # In the second usage mode, the user specifies different components of
    # the python package they wish to construct. Valid arguments to specify
    # constructed to build and install the specified components. The
    # optional NO_INSTALL is also honored in this usage.

cetbuildtools version:"3.10.01"

  • support added for the Intel compiler
  • improved REGEX escaping in the cmake macros
  • improved cet_add_compiler_flags
  • cet_remove_compiler_flag is now cet_remove_compiler_flags
  • allow tests to compare against reference files (without building your own shell script)

cetbuildtools version:"3.09.02"

  • All packages using cetbuildtools / mrb may be built using non-system compilers with CMake >= 2.8.10.
  • ProcessSmc macro properly installs generated source.
  • Product version names not conforming to vX_Y_Z are now supported.
  • New "compiler" column in product_deps product matrix: currently supported values are, "gcc" and, "icc."
  • buildtool can now tell the difference between, "no tests specified due to CMake error" and, "no tests specified" (error stream parsing required because CMake exits with success code in both cases).
  • New macro install_gdml.

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.11"

  • add missing library definitions to FindUpsGeant4
  • internals bug fix from Ron
  • backport install_gdml from 3.09.02
  • require explicit cmake version
  • buildtool improvement so that the lack of tests is not reported as an error

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.07"

  • improve handling of special version names
  • in table file, setup product dependencies before adding to the path

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.04"

  • recognize special version names with no underscores, such as "nightly"

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.03"

  • bug fix for process_smc macro
  • code cleanup
  • remove unnecessary messages

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.01"

  • bug fix for fcldir
  • bug fix for cet_rootcint

cetbuildtools version:"3.07.00"

  • add a new directive, fcldir, to product_deps
  • fcl files are installed in fcldir, which defaults to <product>/<version>/fcl
  • FHICL_FILE_PATH is defined in the table file when flcdir is defined
  • changes for mrb or other top level build systems
  • change cached file names from cet_lib_dir to <product>_lib_dir, etc.
  • if using mrb, copy fcl files into $MRB_BUILDDIR/fcl

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.07"

  • setting the correct variable, UPS_OVERRIDE, to -B

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.05"

  • add FindUpsGeant4 so we can define the Geant4 libraries and include path
  • SetCompilerFlags: fix cet_remove_compiler_flag

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.04"

  • SetCompilerFlags: make Darwin linker behave like Linux linker

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.03"

  • buildtool fix

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.02"

  • buildtool fix
  • SetCompilerFlags: add DWARF_VER option
  • SetFlavorQual: recognize Darwin
  • UseCpack: recognize Darwin and fix package tarball name

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.01"

  • buildtool
  • add --graphviz and --gfilt
  • fix a bug when building table files
  • make sure scripts are executable when installed
  • add the option to specify debugging symbol level (default is dwarf4 with gcc 4.8)
  • on Darwin only, cetbuildtools depends on getopt

cetbuildtools version:"3.06.00"

  • buildtool improvements
  • -R|--release added
  • --clean-logs added
  • cet_make
  • expand the list of known plugins
  • check for generated code
  • cet_test
  • add cet_test_assertion macro (to deal with differences on Darwin)
  • make a usable list of test groups

cetbuildtools version:"3.05.02"

  • add genreflex flags for gcc
  • Darwin needs different compiler flags

cetbuildtools version:"3.05.01"

  • do the same in the generated table file
  • make sure you can use build_table if not running cmake
  • define e4 (gcc 4.8) in product_deps template

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.09"

  • add -Wno-unused-local-typedefs to VIGILANT flags
  • do not use -Wl,--no-undefined on MacOSX

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.07"

  • use ack in code-dep-graph
  • use our own cmake config version templates when a package has no flavor
  • always use NO_DEFAULT_PATH with find_library

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.06"

  • new macro cet_rootcint added for larsoft
  • cet_rootcint( <output_name> [NO_INSTALL] )
  • creates <output_name> and <output_name>Cint.h

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.05"

  • cet_script() now accepts a REMOVE_EXTENSIONS option
  • cet_script( REMOVE_EXTENSIONS) installs do-this instead of

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.04"

  • fix a problem with using /bin/pwd -P on some machines

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.03"

  • change default configure file names from PACKAGE-config to PackageConfig.

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.02"

  • use /bin/pwd -P instead of just /bin/pwd when getting the full path
  • minor bug fix in build_table
  • update ToyCmake to use cet_make_exec

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.01"

  • Fixes for setup_for_development
  • Fixed a typo so that an error is thrown (as intended) if the requested qualifier is not found in the qualifier list.
  • If a product is not in the qualifier list, it will be setup without qualfiers. This is meant to catch missing entries, not to be used as a feature.

cetbuildtools version:"3.04.00"

  • cet_make_exec ( NAME <executable name> ... ) is now cet_make_exec( <executable name> ... )
    cet_make_exec ( <executable name>  
                    [SOURCE <source code list>] 
                    [LIBRARIES <library link list>]
                    [NO_INSTALL] )
  • ProcessSmc.cmake in Modules
  • buildtool no longer requires a dummy test
  • simplify handling of qualifiers in buildtool

cetbuildtools version:"3.03.05"

  • install scripts and runtime libraries in the directory specified in product_deps

cetbuildtools version:"3.03.04"

  • add support for ups/setup_deps
  • ignore files whose names begin with a dot when searching for source code

cetbuildtools version:"3.03.00"

cetbuildtools version:"3.02.00"

  • make sure all libraries built by cmake are added to the product cmake config file
  • add a macro to be used by the art cmake modules

cetbuildtools version:"3.01.01"

  • most packages can now use the basic configure template
  • $CETBUILDTOOLS/templates/
  • cp <your-source-code>/ups/
  • so far, only art needs extra information in <your-source-code>/ups/

cetbuildtools version:"3.01.00"

  • add infrastructure to build the product cmake config file automatically
  • products need to use the new cet_find_library macro instead of find_library

cetbuildtools version:"3.00.03"

  • report library names in certain cases
  • add NO_INSTALL option to cet_make_library
  • check that the setup of cetbuildtools did not complain

cetbuildtools version:"3.00.01"

  • remove debugging output accidentally left in place
  • cpack now uses bzip instead of zip

cetbuildtools version:"3.00.00"

  • if there is a problem with the setup of any product, setup_for_development will fail
  • a new setup_for_development is required
  • if you do not have the new setup_for_development, setup_for_development will fail and prompt you to copy the correct script
  • diagnostic output will be found in diag_report and show up in the output of setup_for_development
  • this file will normally be empty for all tagged releases
  • diag_report will contain code debugging messages and perhaps warnings
  • cetpkg_variable_report now also contains CETPKG_SOURCE and CETPKG_BUILD
  • in other words, it reports all the CETPKG_* variables
  • cet_ensure_out_of_source_build will now allow you to have a link in your source code directory to the build directory
  • it will NOT allow you to add a build directory in the source code tree, just a link
  • this practice is not encouraged