cetbuildtools v2_xx_yy release notes

cetbuildtools version:"2.05.07"

  • fix a problem in CetTest

cetbuildtools version:"2.05.06"

cetbuildtools version:"2.05.05"

  • more improvements to cet_make, based on problems using art_make_library

cetbuildtools version:"2.05.03"

  • cet_make_exec() now recognizes USE_BOOST_UNIT and NO_INSTALL
    # cet_make_exec( NAME <executable name>  
    #                [SOURCE <source code list>] 
    #                [LIBRARIES <library link list>]
    #                [USE_BOOST_UNIT]
    #                [NO_INSTALL] )

cetbuildtools version:"2.05.00"

  • major improvements to cet_make()
    # cet_make( LIBRARY_NAME <library name> 
    #           [LIBRARIES <library link list>]
    #           [SUBDIRS <source subdirectory>] (e.g., detail)
    #           [EXCLUDE <ignore these files>] )

cetbuildtools version:"2.04.00"

cetbuildtools version:"2.03.06"

  • Add infrastructure to support NULL flavored products and products with no dependencies
  • product_deps fragment for a product with no dependencies:
    product version
    none    none

cetbuildtools version:"2.03.05"

  • The created table file defines two new enviornmental variables
  • These variables report the basic flags.
  • Any -W and -pedantic flags have been removed.
  • cmake reports:
    -- compiler flags for directory <top> and below
    --    C++ FLAGS:   -std=c++98 -g -O0 -Werror -pedantic  -Wall -Werror=return-type -Wextra -Wno-long-long -Winit-self -Woverloaded-virtual -std=c++0x
    --    C   FLAGS:   -g -O0 -Werror -pedantic  -Wall -Werror=return-type -Wextra -Wno-long-long -Winit-self
  • the table file has:
        envSet( ${UPS_PROD_NAME_UC}_CXXFLAGS, "-g -O0 -std=c++0x" )
        envSet( ${UPS_PROD_NAME_UC}_CFLAGS, "-g -O0" )

cetbuildtools version:"2.03.04"

  • You may now include a table file fragment in product_deps
    # this is a table file fragment
    # it will be copied verbatim
  • The fragment is added at the end of the Common setup action.

cetbuildtools version:"2.03.00"

  • find_ups_product looks for the config file and calls the cmake find_package function if a config file is found
  • find_ups_product explicitly searches only the $PRODUCT_FQ_DIR/lib/<product>/cmake and $PRODUCT_DIR/cmake directories

cetbuildtools version:"2.02.00"

  • cet_cmake_config() will process <product>
  • This file contains boilerplate plus explicit find_library() commands.
  • There is no version config template needed. <product>-config-version.cmake is automatically generated.
  • This first implementation used find_cet_package() - removed in 2.03.00
  • cet_cmake_config relies on a couple of cmake functions that were introduced in cmake 2.8.8
  • The cmake config files are installed in $PRODUCT_FQ_DIR/lib/<product>/cmake
  • If the product has no flavor, the config files are installed in $PRODUCT_DIR/cmake

cetbuildtools version:"2.01.03"

  • cet_make() will ignore plugins (use the new art_make() macro from art/Modules if you have plugins)

cetbuildtools version:"2.01.02"

cetbuildtools version:"2.01.01"

cetbuildtools version:"2.01.00"

cetbuildtools version:"2.00.00"