Product deps description


# The parent line must be the first non-comment line in the file
# This line defines the product name and version
parent xxx    v1_00_00
defaultqual    e14

# These optional lines define the installed directories where headers,
# libraries, and executables will be found.
# Use them only if your product does not conform to the defaults
# Format: directory_type directory_path directory_name
# The only recognized values of the first field are listed under Defaults
# The only recognized values of the second field are product_dir, fq_dir, and -
# The third field is not constrained.
# Defaults:
# incdir  product_dir  include
# fcldir  product_dir  fcl
# libdir  fq_dir       lib
# bindir  fq_dir       bin
# gdmldir -  
# fwdir   -  
# set_fwdir -
# If a particular directory_type is not specified that item will not be
# defined in the UPS table file.
incdir product_dir include
fcldir -
libdir fq_dir      lib
bindir fq_dir      bin

# if define_pythonpath is enabled, the PYTHONPATH variable will be set

# list all products here
# the 4th field contain the keyword optional or only_for_build
product         version
art             v2_08_02
nonqualprod     vh_ii_jj
someprod        vx_yy_zz
anotherprod     va_bb_cc
cetbuildtools   v5_14_00  -  only_for_build

# e14  - with gcc 6.3.0 and -std=c++14 
# -nq- here means there is no qualifier
# a single dash here means the dependent product is not required by the parent and will not be setup
qualifier       art             someprod      anotherprod  noqualprod    notes
e14:debug       e14:debug       e14:debug     -            -nq-         -std=c++14
e14:prof        e14:prof        e14:prof      -            -nq-         -std=c++14
nu:e14:debug    nu:e14:debug    e14:debug     gcc630       -nq-         -std=c++14
nu:e14:prof     nu:e14:prof     e14:prof      gcc630       -nq-         -std=c++14

# this is a table file fragment
# it will be copied verbatim

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### Local Variables:
### tab-width: 8
### End:

# vi:set ts=8 noexpandtab:



  • fwdir, gdmldir, and set_fwdir can all be used to define FW_SEARCH_PATH
  • The directory defined by fwdir is used by install_fw().
  • The directory defined by gdmldir is used by install_gdml().


  • introduced as of cetbuildtools v5_14_00.
  • If you are building with mrb, please use mrb v1_10_00 or later.
  • define additional compontents of FW_SEARCH_PATH
  • For most use cases, we recommend using a single location and defining it with fwdir. But occasionally a product needs to put data files in more than one location
  • When set_fwdir is used, the user is responsible for installing data files in the additional location.
  • set_fwdir can be included multiple times
  • Make sure your setup_for_development calls set_dev_fwsearch:
    diff --git a/ups/setup_for_development b/ups/setup_for_development
    index 5c688e7..bfa8b83 100644
    --- a/ups/setup_for_development
    +++ b/ups/setup_for_development
    @@ -76,6 +76,8 @@ test "${exit_now}" = "true" && return 1
     # add bin to path
     source $CETBUILDTOOLS_DIR/bin/set_dev_bin
    +# set FW_SEARCH_PATH
    +source $CETBUILDTOOLS_DIR/bin/set_dev_fwsearch
     # final sanity check and report
     source $CETBUILDTOOLS_DIR/bin/set_dev_check_report noarch