Workplan for beginning of 2010

Here is the immediate list of work items from Jim's 1/5/2010 notes,
as discussed in our meeting during the second week of January 2010.
Present at that meeting was Marc, Ron, Walter, and Jim.
This is the complete list from Jim's notes of the meeting.

Work Items

Support structure - primary contact Ron

The first of these have been started with the code browser work Ron has done for NOVA on oink.
We should automated the update of that browser area and just let Rob use that site. This
may be a good job to give to Qiming.

1. Code Browser
1. UPS-lite
1. new version of ROOT built and installed

Core development - primary contact Walter

We will need to have discussion about each of these to reestablish where the development is
and where we are going.

1. Dynamic library usage and factory clean-up
1. Product-to-product references (persistent pointer problem)
1. Random number service

Application-level services - primary contact Mark F.

1. Boris Integrator in geant4
1. accurate geometry missing

additional areas that need work

This work is relevant and important to complete this project and make it usable elsewhere.
Some of the things are support infrastructure (s) and others require development (d), and
some are purely software maintenance items (m).

1. parameter set system rework using LQCD parameter set notation (d,s)
1. conversion to cmake (s)
1. conversion to group-support message logger (s,m)
1. cleanup of provenance and I/O subsystems and existing product pointer debris (m)


  • Rob K. - main source of requirements for use. * Walter B. - main developer for Core development area * Mark F. - coordinator of application-level work * Ron R. - coordinator of the support structure work (low priority due to current NOVA reassignment) * Marc P. - consulting, design and analysis decisions and meetings. * Jim K. - consulting, design and analysis decisions and meetings.

After we get a new person, there will be more effort assigned to the core development area.


We will use this redmine site to maintain status through the issue tracker.
This actually sounds like a good project candidates for RTC, but I'm not sure we can do that
with the current effort level. I think the issue tracking system in redmine will barely be
adequate here because it does not seem good at breaking down a feature in a series of work items.
I believe we can use the existing "factory / dynamic library" issue into a number of sub or related
workitems and report to those items. Even the factory issue is to large to have as a single thing to work on.

We should start to have weekly or bi-monthly status meeting to go over design issues and the issue list
progress. I think that 11am Thursday might be a good slot.