Storage Manager As-is QA Notes

Kurt Biery, 08-Apr-2009

This is a work in progress and is not yet complete.

We have been working with CMS DAQ team members at CERN on a refactoring of the CMS Storage Manager software since December of 2008. We expect the handoff of management of the project to happen in April and May of 2009. The processes that we are using to manage the project and test the software are not very formal, but they are summarized here in an effort to document what currently exists.

At Fermilab, the people involved are Kurt Biery, Marc Paterno, and Jim Kowalkowski, and at CERN the people involved are Dennis Shpakov, Remi Mommsen, Vivian O'Dell, and Samim Erhan.

Communication channels

Among the developers, the methods of communication are the following: The information exchanged on the Twiki, in email, and in CVS includes the following:
  • information on the tasks that need to be completed, the developer(s) working on the tasks, and the progress toward completion
  • text descriptions of existing and desired functionality
  • UML diagrams that capture the design of the refactored system
  • instructions for building and running the software in a test environment
  • test plans

In addition to the remote communication that has taken place throughout the project, we benefited from a face-to-face meeting at CERN during the design phase of the project.

Meetings and meeting minutes

The development group meets daily via teleconference to review progress, flesh out design details, assist one another with technical issues, and agree on short-term work plans. Each meeting has a dedicated Twiki page on which individuals can post diagrams or text that is to be discussed at that meeting. Minutes from each of these meetings are written and posted to the Twiki page.

Vivian and I talk on the phone weekly so that I can report on progress, we can discuss management issues, and I can learn of her concerns.

Task definition and assignment

Unit tests

Stand-alone test environment