Lynn - working on setup on own machine. will check externals that are used on ilcsim 1 and 2.
She now has access to oink and the SVN repository. Did the first couple of examples.

HEPPDT and cmake work next.

Walter - working on CLHEP release completion issues. This time is not reported to mu2e. Should only be working on this for one day or less. Random number service needs to be completed after this internal work is complete.

Krzysztof - started looking at Rob's mu2e Geant4 plugin, did go through some of the example. Just getting started.

Parameter set system - python code is going away. we are figuring out how to use the LQCD parameter set language and add any additional components that might be necessary, such as editing and inclusion.
There will lots of integration works to uproot the python configuration and manage the files.
The separation of the different types of input data e.g. input file name is not completed yet. Could be
two configuration files (or more) for each aspect of configuration.

Marc and Jim have started the proposal for configuration handling.

The deadline of May 15th is important - we need to meet next week with Rob to gather statements of what we
hope to complete by then.