Ruby and Rails tutorial

Marc and Jim are preparing a 1-day tutorial on the Ruby programming language and the Rails web application development framework. These are some notes written during the development of that tutorial. Please feel free to make comments anywhere in this notes. We'd appreciate it if you would sign your notes, so that we can organize what is here into a "discussion" format.


Prerequisites for the tutorial

  1. You should have a laptop computer, to either provide access to, or to work on directly. All the required software is installed on oink. If you use your laptop directly, then you'll have to make sure you have all the required software installed.
  2. You should have Ruby installed. We require Ruby 1.9.1
  3. You should have a text editor with which you are comfortable
  4. You should have a shell with which you are comfortable

The Ruby community takes some pride in their effort to make Ruby a cross-platform programming language. However, the newest version of Ruby is still pretty rough in its native Windows implementation (as of 2009-06-04). We do not support its use in this tutorial. If you have a Windows laptop, you must have Cygwin installed, and you must either build Ruby for yourself, or install our pre-built distribution.