Product Distribution Responsibilities

These notes pertain to products found on SciSoft
Relocatable ups products are either offline, online, or experiment specific.

Experiment Specific Products

Product Primary Support Secondary Support
darkmon DarkSide50 RSE/RSI
darksidecore DarkSide50 RSE/RSI
ds50daq DarkSide50 RSE/RSI
dune_pardata DUNE/LBNE
lar1ndcode LAr1-ND
Lar1ndFilters LAr1-ND
LAr1ndOpticalLib LAr1-ND
LariatFilters LArIAT
lariatfragments LArIAT
lariatonline LArIAT
lariatsoft LArIAT
lariatutil LArIAT
lbne_artdaq DUNE/LBNE
lbnecode DUNE/LBNE
lbne_raw_data DUNE/LBNE RSE/RSI
lbneutil DUNE/LBNE
mu2e_artdaq Mu2e
mu2e_raw_data Mu2e
nova_crosscompiler NOvA
novadaq NOvA
novadaqdeps NOvA
novaddt NOvA
novaenv NOvA
novasoft NOvA
pqxx DarkSide50 RSE/RSI
uboonecode MicroBooNE
uboone_data MicroBooNE
ubutil MicroBooNE
daqchannelmap NOvA
daqdataformats NOvA
daq_extras NOvA
laradmin LArSoft
larana LArSoft
larbatch LArSoft
larcore LArSoft
lardata LArSoft
lareventdisplay LArSoft
larevt LArSoft
larexamples LArSoft
larpandora LArSoft
larreco LArSoft
larsim LArSoft
larsoft LArSoft
larsoft_data LArSoft
larutils LArSoft
toyExperiment Rob Lynn
G4beamline Mu2e


Product Primary Support Secondary Support
artdaq RSE/RSI
artdaq_core RSE/RSI Lynn
artdaq_core_demo RSE/RSI
artdaq_demo RSE/RSI
artdaq_ganglia_plugin RSE/RSI
caencomm RSE/RSI
caendigitizer RSE/RSI
caenvme RSE/RSI
ganglia RSE/RSI
mpich RSE/RSI
mvapich RSE/RSI
mvapich2_stub RSE/RSI
xmlrpc_c RSE/RSI Lynn
smc_compiler RSE/RSI Lynn


Product Primary Support Secondary Support
art Art Group
artextensions Art Group
art_externals Art Group
boost Art Group
cetbuildtools Art Group
cetlib Art Group
cetpkgsupport Art Group
clang Art Group
cmake Art Group
cpp0x Art Group
cppunit Art Group
fftw Art Group
fhiclcpp Art Group
gcc Art Group
gccxml Art Group
gdb Art Group
getopt Art Group
git Art Group
gitflow Art Group
messagefacility Art Group
mysql Art Group
mysql_client Art Group
ninja Art Group
postgresql Art Group
root Art Group
scons Art Group
sqlite Art Group
xerces_c Art Group
xrootd Art Group
ssibuildshims Art Group
valgrind Art Group
gsl Art Group
python Art Group
tbb Art Group
clhep Lynn
cry Lynn
cstxsd Lynn
dk2nu Lynn
g4abla Lynn
g4emlow Lynn
g4neutron Lynn
g4neutronxs Lynn
g4nucleonxs Lynn
g4nuclide Lynn
g4photon Lynn
g4pii Lynn
g4radiative Lynn
g4surface Lynn
geant4 Lynn
genie Lynn
genie_phyopt Lynn
genie_xsec Lynn
heppdt Lynn
ifbeam Lynn
ifdh_art Lynn
ifdhc Lynn
lapack Lynn
lhapdf Lynn
libsigcpp Lynn
libwda Lynn
libxml2 Lynn
log4cpp Lynn
minuit2 Lynn
mrb Lynn
nutools Lynn
pandora Lynn
pdfsets Lynn
pythia Lynn
qt Lynn
upd Lynn
ups Lynn
camb CosmoSIS
cfitsio CosmoSIS
jdem CosmoSIS
nose CosmoSIS
nucondb CosmoSIS
numpy CosmoSIS
packageversion CosmoSIS
planck CosmoSIS
planckdata CosmoSIS
pyfits CosmoSIS
pyyaml CosmoSIS
scipy CosmoSIS
setuptools CosmoSIS
ssddoc CosmoSIS
suitesparse CosmoSIS
szip CosmoSIS
wmap CosmoSIS
wmapdata CosmoSIS
splines Art Group

Obsolete Products

  • gloox
    • requested by DarkSide50 online
    • untouched since original build
  • psycopg2
    • This was a one-off
    • As of postgresql v9_1_15, psycopg2 is part of postgresql.