How to use and build NOvA software on oink.

  • To set up to use NOvA software on oink:
    . ~novasoft/software/novasoft/releases/development/setup/
  • To get a new test release:
    newrel -t development testrel
    srt_setup -a SRT_QUAL=debug
    Note that the SRT_QUAL=debug is optional.
  • To get a single package direct from CVS:
    addpkh -h <package>
  • To get a full set of packages:
    tar cf - `find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d | \
              grep -v -e SRT_NOVA -e SoftRelTools -e bin -e doc \
              -e job -e lib -e man -e setup -e results -e tmp` | \
    tar -xf - -C <testrel>
  • To update your locally-installed packages (bash):
    for i in *; do 
      ( cd $i 2>/dev/null && [[ -d CVS ]] && \
        { echo "Updating $i"; cvs -q update -dP; }
  • To build against default external packages (eg ART):
    make || make || make || make
  • To Build NOvA software against your own version of ART (built according to Lynn's instructions with the nova qualifier):
    make clean
    unsetup art
    PRODUCTS=<my-products-area>:"$PRODUCTS" setup art <version> -qnova
    make || make || make || make || make || make
    -- yes, six.