NOvA work meeting 10Sep2010

Department Priorities

  • Trigger/offline framework * DAQ * Accelerator Modeling / Multicore * JDEM (software engineering) * tools - analysis/perf

Gennadiy work

  • DQM (new fmwk integrated) (off data logger) * Data driven trigger (part of BN - later) * DQM (close to event builder - later) * Integration testing / build check / run test suite / QA * DDS issues * Software install / deployment management * Data readout - test suite (urgent?) (2-3 week project) (drivers, register readout) good fit?

idea would be to have Gennadiy use Qiming's library code, for now, and maybe take over some of the library code in October

No data logger work at the moment

Ron contact:
talk to Gennadiy about experience with drivers, etc.
Questions need to be answered about all aspects of FEB and DCM readout
how far away are we from running 64 FEBs on one DCM (currently struggling with one FEB now - final detector will have 200 * 64 FEBs total)

modes - Dual Correlated Sampling, Digitial Oscilloscope, Single Data Pulse - need to test and document
Priorities with framework and DQM (Mark Messier and Peter) - art involved?