NOvA APD Cooling Control Work 2012

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This section describes some of the constraints that we are placing on the system. These constraints are based on practical considerations (like the amount of time before delivery) and based on what we know from the experiment.


VNC will be the first technology choice for remote connections, including home use, on the road, or at other institutions.

VPN will be a second technology to be made available so that tools can be run on local (client) machines.

We will attempt to use the PV gateway as a technology to bridge networks at the EPICS protocol level. This can be used by institutions, including Fermilab's connection with Ash River.


There will be an independent database server at Ash River for both the slow and fast monitoring data.


Regional manager will control 12 DCMs

Run Control will talk to the regional manager.

integration with other systems

Communications with other systems will be done at a higher-level, such as alarm or archiver tool sending messages to the message logger.

System States

  • A) DiBlock state: (1) fully operational, (2) Not fully operational
  • B) DiBlock mode (configuration): (1) cooling enabled, (2) cooling not enabled
  • C) DCM: (2) reprogramming state, (2) normal

(A) is changed by DCS
(B) is changed by DAQ
(C) is changed by the DCM

Planned components

  1. regional IOC
  2. archiver
  3. alarm GUI
  4. what else?

Once we get the time vs. component grid filled in, we can describe more of that here.

Reference material