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At Fermilab, we had Dennis, Jimmy, Steve F., Gennadiy, Ron, Kurt, Brian, Denise F., and Jim Patrick. On EVO, we had Athans and Leon.

Athans put something about hardware in the notes from last meeting in the Wiki. Denise will take a look at the notes. She has requests in to Andrew for accounts for people.

Athans asked Jimmy about compact RIO. Jimmy is looking at compact fieldpoint, and he is not sure who is working on compact RIO. Dennis mentioned that the setup of the hardware would be done by folks on NOvA and the LabView programming. ACNET folks would handle the ACNET part. Who is the person from NOvA who will handle the setup for the FarDet?

Gennadiy reported that we'll be putting together a plan for next week.

There is a proof-of-concept readout of figit (sp?) to ACNET [Jimmy]. At the moment, this has to go through a Windows PC, but if a suitable driver can be found, then direct access from Linux is a possibility.