Meeting 6102010

Documentation and examples are crucial - mu2e stuff from Rob is good but more is needed.

Rob wants basic definitions of concepts and tools available (handles, modules).

We still need to pull out the CMS documentation that is useful.
Sit down with Chris, go through CMS doc and pick out relevant pieces that should be pulled forward to describe things.

Things with Walters name are the most important for development: product-to-product references, dynamic libraries.

Lynn's work is critical: new version of framework, CLHEP, HEPPDT, etc. needed * base / dev release * upgraded products - including the thing above and ROOT. This might be tricky. * cmake last

The update to latest ROOT might might be a bit of a problem. We might be able to ask
Paul or Philippe to help. This would be good.

Could Krzysztof help with the dynamic library issues?

Jim says that the dev / runtime environment and release structure is very important and not yet there (as it should be).

G4 - stopped muon, all processes turned off, the standard physics lists do not have them turned on. Need to figure
out how to produce the configuration that does the proper muon decay. Should ask Sunanda they questions.

PGS - need meeting with Daniel to talk about G4. Needs to converge in a couple of weeks.

PGS will need to talk with Mark about Lynn's time. Can some be freed up?

mu2e doc 900 has description of the tracking algorithms for Hans.

G4 examples to geometry - mu2e geometry is in. redone a few months ago.

G4 beamline - elaborate definition of magnetic field. mu2e uses MECO maps.

what about timing of algorithms? March 2011 - Kalman filter running. Hans's code will help get these estimates.

The calorimeter trigger approach will be the thing that will be in CD-1, anything else will be alternatives.