Lynn's cetbuildtools WG notes

Adam's use:
a top level CMakeLists.txt file which will drive package builds. Packages can also be built independently.
Tool to create such a top level CMakeLists.txt file.
add a line to the CMakeLists.txt file automatically when you checkout a package.
This has only been done with one package at a time so far.
How do we know what the dependency relation is if have more than one package?
Seem to also need a top level setup_for_development if have more than one package.

Tools that we need:
cleanup tool for products area
package skeleton generator

how to keep everything consistent?

ups does not return an error code - always 0

Genady - uBoone
which pieces he needs
rsync rather than tarballs
Adam’s instructions for g-2 ...
-- genady says too many steps

our documentation oriented towards art, not general case

do we have a cleanup tool?

better download tarball instruction

cet (us)
member of experiment/project
build manager of experiment/project
someone starting a new project

This exercise designed for experiment member

Can there be a README in /products.

cetbuildtools user guide
what does google show??

gm2d - sort of like SRT newrel
-- local setup script
gm2d getRedmineGit
has ../src, adding to this, adds line to top CMakeLists.txt
forgets to source setup_for_development
if have 2 packages. which setup_for_development do you use?
make install creates

build system needs to figure out dependencies
needs to fail and say “rebuild these, also”

want setup_for_development to check for collision with higher levels that are already setup

art has simple depenency tree
but experiments have complex dependency trees

make an overall setup_for_development for all packages you are building

seem to have desire for something that behaves like SRT

need make table file tool (e.g., add a product to dependencies)

can we work around ups failure to return fail code?

do we want to use ups “devel” feature?

Ron: look in local product for a different version of some dependency and set it up????

Kurt: #4
Ron: #3
Genady: #5

cetbuildtools - create a skeleton empty package - #2

users should not need to write own cmake macros

skeleton needs to add “find ...” for products from list
skeleton needs to embed package name

setting flags is not working ....
except if VIGILANT

make -i (sloppy - ignore errors)

table file generator
what happens when need to add product to dependency list
--> product_list and table file
command to bump the package version

example - build and install an executable