How to create and use a private product directory for testing

Before releasing a product, one wants to test it. The obvious way to do this is with a private product directory.

Create and fill a private product directory

  1. create an empty directory (<product-dir>).
    mkdir <product-dir>
  2. get the ups database file so that a ups setup command knows the full path to the product
    cd <product-dir>
    wget -O - | tar xf -
  3. point your install at this directory
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<product-dir> <source-dir>
  4. Build, test and install your product as described in the UPS HowTo.

Use your private product directory

  1. To avoid confusion, always do this from a fresh login.
  2. Source the regular product setup. On oink, this is /products/setup.
  3. Add <product-dir> to $PRODUCTS
    bash: export PRODUCTS=<product-dir>:${PRODUCTS}
    tcsh: setenv PRODUCTS <product-dir>:${PRODUCTS}
  4. To view ONLY the products installed in your private product directory
    ups list -aK+ -z <product-dir>
  5. Since your product area is first in the path, a normal product setup should preferentially select products from your private product directory.