LSST Notes 16Sep2010

Three areas within LSST

  1. data management (DM) - Jeff Carter runs this # camera # site

Don Sweeney (project manager)
Sydney ??? (president of LSST corp)
Craig Hogan is highly regarded

NCSA - Archive center and US data access center
Proposed FNAL as US data access center, scientist access focus
LPC-like role? Tier-1 center role? perhaps.
Is this the Dark Energy Center? perhaps the DEC is connected to it or the analysis part of it.

possible to get $1M/year ($500K M&S / $500K people)

NCSA - help with workflow management? possibly. Not main task for FNAL, only a part in helping.

Encouraging us to attend workshop at NCSA next week. Want to know by tomorrow. (Eric Neilsen?)

1) Interest: SDQA -> big, ill-defined (pipeline), separate path for DQM (this thing), turns out that
IPAC cannot complete this task, way behind, needs definition and plan made at scientist-level.

IPAC has not come through with the pieces they promised.

2) User workspace toolkit, science analysis stuff, finding tool set, putting together framework, integrating a package with all this stuff. Workshop at IPAC on this stuff in Nov or Jan.

Keywords: FNAL will be part. Development related

  • C++ / python * SVN * scons * build bot * trac * boost * numpy * matplotlib * RH linux * gcc / intel compiler * enterprise architect * UML heavy * MS project * JIRA * software development policy and plan * sysml (part of the enterprise architect) * iconics process (agile, middle ground)