Kurt's Notes

Qiming covered the discussion very well in his notes, so I won't repeat those details.

A couple of additional notes:
  • In cmsRun, a Message Logger "presence" is created first, and this takes care of creating the Message Logger Scribe. Then the scribe is configured.
  • After the meeting, Mark mentioned that there are Message Logger "modes" that might be useful in situations in which external configuration of the message logger is not (yet) available. Each mode provides a different set of defaults. So, we could compile in several different sets of defaults (as different modes) and simply select between the modes in our application code, I believe.

As we discussed at the meeting, we need to decide how to handle configuration of the message logger, both regarding the replacement of the CMSSW ParameterSet object and regarding the language to use for configuration.

In addition, I think that we need to come up with a plan for how to develop, package, and deploy a version of the Message Logger for NOvA. For example, which CVS repository would we use?

Do we create a stand-alone package (or set of packages) that can be used by NOvA (and possibly other experiments), or do we create a version of the Message Logger for NOvA DAQ? I expect that this choice would affect which CVS repository we would use, among other things.