Getting a distribution on cvmfs

ssidistcfs was made available for distribution of art and other package tarballs

Basic operation

  • ssh cvmfs@ssidistcfs
  • install everything under shadow
  • cvmfs_publish
  • after the publish, the secondary staging servers must find the changes and do their own update
  • we have no control over this step

Directory structure

  • shadow/manifest
  • one subdirectory per manifest type
  • manifests can be for the entire product suite or for just a definable portion, such as the larsoft suite
  • shadow/packages
  • one subdirectory per product
  • shadow/projects
  • shadow/projects/art
  • shadow/projects/larsoft
  • there will be a version subdirectory at the bottom of each directory path
  • shadow/packages/gcc/v4_8_1
  • shadow/packages/gcc/v4_8_2
  • shadow/projects/art/v1_09_02
  • shadow/manifest/larsoft/v1_00_07
  • etc.

Copying files

  • initially, files are copied by hand
  • need a script to copy the files into the correct place
  • since we might want to copy several files, this script should not run cvmfs_publish
  • need a script to initiate the publish
  • note that the publish might take a while

cvmfs client

  • currently installed and available on patdskmf and patdsklg