Fest V 25 Oct 2010

Release / repo tagging

"git log" should show the tags.

Always use annotated tags.

Interesting points in development, such as removal of directories or big changes (checkpoints) use convention "cp-2011-10-23" (cp=checkpoint)

Tag for official release: v1_0_1 is version 1.0.1. Three part version will be used.
See Product versioning conventions for the meaning of the parts.

Organization of tasks

Four huge developments:

  • plugin manager * art start and main * parameter set use by art * service registry for startup issues

tasks of interest to members

Marc -

Lynn - cmake build-tools used within low-level packages

Walter - exceptions within fhicl-cpp and art,

Jim -

Chris - exceptions within MF, genreflex issues of not compiling generating code

Qiming - address the multiple MF cmake files and work on exception use in MF?


Marc & Jim
  1. Completed design of library manager (replacement for plugin manager)
  2. Rewrote module declarations (now easy to understand)
  3. Putting necessary utility functions in place
  1. New document page: How to create and use a private product area
  2. Enhance writeup of project version naming conventions
  3. Release cetbuildtools v1_4_0
  4. Integrate cetbuildtools v1_4_0 with cpp0x, cetlib, fhiclcpp, art
Walter & Chris
  1. Integrate cetlib exception with fhiclcpp, messagefacility, and art
  2. Unnecessary code being removed
  3. Art builds with fhiclcpp
  4. Forward partial friendship improvements to input module interface

Yet to do

Better task organization
Message Facility upgrade
Record stuff on whiteboard
Automatic email from git - only on tagging
Reorganize Message Facility and integrate with cetbuildtools v1_4_0
Can we put messagefacility into git?