FTL review


  • Alaukik Dhimar * Udaya Manikonda


  • Implement a customizing feature * Day 1: AM Kick-off meeting 2 hours, PM Rest of the day – look through code and documentation – get organized * Day 2: look through the code, detail review of hot-spots * Day 3: AM write up, PM close out/findings meeting

Proposed Reviewers:

  • S.Gysin * S.Foulkes * S.Jones * (L.Carpenter) * (S.White)

Kick-off Invitation draft
We would like to start the review of the FTL software with a kick-off meeting to understand the technologies and architecture.

Specifically we would like to

  • An architectual overview of the design, code, and schema * Functional overview and organization of the packages * Schema overview * What classes/packages are Oracle only, FNAL only, and mixed
  • An introduction to the methodology and the documents (coding standards, use of APIs) * Central place where we can access the documents

An overview of the project plan

  • What new features are expected? (WBS / project plan / requirements documents) * How will an Oracle upgrade be integrated? * How much staff is allocated to support the application?


  • Are you using the standard OTL tables? * Do we have permission to use Oracle source code? Who owns the copy right? * When Oracle has a new release, do you have to de-complile their classes? * Why did FNAL had to customize TL so much? What is different about us?

Notes from first discussions

  • OTL - Oracle Time and Labor Application * EBS - Oracle's E-Business Suite, Oracles builds and provides this, form-based configuration * Oracle Application Framework - J2EE based framework for development applications in Java


  1. Mike Kuc - DBA / admin # Scott Nolen - boss of guys being reviewed

The code for the application is Java, maintained in jdeveloper studio. They had to "uncompile" part of
the Oracle application in order to put their custom application code in as a replacement.
We saw a source file that was the application driver with 28,000 lines of code, and another with ~1500
during our discussion with the developers. There appears to be about 100 source files. This development
appears to be a large customization of the Oracle application.

Shirley Jones already works with Mike Kuc. They are working to solve part of the OID / security problems
with Oracle and the management of passwords and login information. Shirley works with Oracle Applications,
but the sort that involve oracle forms and pl/sql (very different area/level of application work).

We talked with Dennis Box, Steve White, Shirley Jones in CD. We contacted Julie and Igor about asking
people to participate in the review.

Questions and comments regarding the charge items:

  1. design... # documentation - is there a standard? # integrity and ... of the code - requires looking at the code in detail, is this standard practice for use of this framework? # build procedures ... - do a sample or trial change to the code # suitability ... - usability issues, rigidity or code, presentation # Depth of knowledge ... - who understands these application besides the one developer involved?