FTL Project

From Suzanne:

The goal is to make the FTL software reliable and maintainable considering the recommendations of the code review. Vicky gave me the authoritiy over the FTL developers as the technical lead. We aim to minimize the customization and refactor the code to Java Best Practices.I started working with the FTL developers to understand the project, and we have multiple critical deadlines:

  • 7/29 OID roll out * 8/2 PPD roll out(300 new users, the current load is 600 users) * 8/31 AD roll out * 9/30 end of fiscal year * ? weekly employees come on line

The developers have about 20 bugs and enhancment requests to work on in parallel to the roll out schedule and supporting all 7 EBS applications. It is unrealistic of me to assume we can restructure the code while under these tight deadlines. Considering this, my plan for the next 6 months is:

7/23 - 9/15 help out with bug fixes and PPD/AD rollout.
I suggested a SWAT team during the first week of the roll outs, because CD opened about 50 bugs just because of configuration issues and miss understandings. I hope to cicumvent that with a direct hotline and personal hand holding for the first week. This idea was accepted and we are finalizing the logistics.

7/23 - 9/15 base line the requirements. Concentrate on weekly timecard since they have not been deployed.

9/15 - 10/15 design - revise schedule after design is known

11/15/ - 12/1 code

11/15 - 12/15 test

12/15 - 1/15 deployement and training

Caveat: The weekly timecard deployement is a wildcard in this plan. This will be very critical, because the weekly employees do not get paid unless they have an approved timecard.