Cross-compilation notes

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Thinking about cross-compiling code in the context of CETBuildTools, there seem to be a couple of additional features that would be nice.

  1. The ability to specify that certain UPS products get set up in a build environment but not in a production environment.
    • Chris explained how this can be done by putting the special UPS product in the product.list file and the CMakeLists.txt dependency list, but not in the table file, but it would be nice if the fancy "take care of the dependencies" tool that we discussed during the workshop would know about this feature.
  2. The ability to have a different "label" for an installed (cross-compiled) build of a product that is different than the set of labels that is in force in the build environment.
    • Maybe this is handled simply by the UPS flavor.
    • It shouldn't be handled by the product version, since that is the same no matter what the target architecture.
    • Does it need to also be taken into account in the qualifiers? If we build PackageA for x86 and assign it qualifier P51 to encode the GCC version, etc., should we use a different qualifier for PPC since the compiler (and possibly one or more dependent products) is different?