Cloud Computing 2009-10-19

These are Marc's notes from the FermiGrid Services Group meeting to discuss cloud computing.

Steve Timm discussed his updated (Version 4.0) project plan, which includes a WBS. I briefly went over our wiki page on the issues ( The group is using KVM, which has been tested to run disk IO at full speed, and network IO at full wire speed. This is the system that is supported by RedHat. Much detailed discussion of what virtualization software could be used. Much uninterpretable (to me) jargon is involved in this discussion. I may have missed some of these.

  • KVM
  • Xen
  • Virtual Iron (which runs atop Xen; is used by CDF and D0); has reached end-of-life. Gives failover capability
  • Oracle VM (Oracle has bought Virtual Iron, and that will become Oracle VM)

There was also discussion of the user interface for access to virtual machines. Steve knows of two:

There is concern regarding the number of IP addresses that will be used by cloud systems: Steve mentioned some interest in migrating to IPV6.

In the "Condor world" of virtual machines, jobs can be started by an entry in the init.d file.

Steve estimates that within a month or so, we will be able to make gainful use of virtual machines provided on FermiCloud.

2 GB/s is the network bandwidth available on the connection between GCC and FCC that is used by this system for BlueArc access.