Closeout fest 15 Oct 2010


Oink developers' instructions

Alpha releases of the cetlib and cpp0x packages are ready.

Moved the std::declval package into the cpp0x library.

fhicl-cpp 2.0 packaging complete.
Integration completing with subpackages (MF, fhicl)
new fhicl-cpp interface (2.0) used in art
Got dump of high-level parameter set from the old fw to see what names and values are injected.

namespace decisions/policy complete.
namespace complete.

exception handling package decisions complete.

product build, install, deploying (oink but usable elsewhere, targeting developers). Policy and other dependent documents on Wiki main page brought into line with these instructions.
product area overhauled on oink, permissions fixed, access to product account fixed
new method of installing products - use ksu or login to product account, removed group permissions to product
Permissions are stable, but not optimal.

cmake of art - figures out platform automatically, dependencies are explicitly checked for in the high-level cmake list file. The setup command will be used to set up the dependent packages.

codedexception added to cetlib

Started to make use of task cards.
Documentation refinements occurred this week (where it goes and what it needs to have in it).

Incomplete tasks

Brian's event display program is not complete. He sent email about additional needs and gave a demo.

Plugin design work is not complete yet. Still need the interface for the Factory and the LibraryManager completed and document complete.
ROOT dictionary plugin design work not complete

Configuration with fhicl language and saving parameters sets is not complete (documentation of).

Integration of MF with art and cetlib with art (next on WB list). Examples of things that need to be completed integration of exception classes

Change the ROOT dictionary files names: remove the _plugin name and just use the _map and _dict names. _map and _dict are special names.

cmake - new modules in cet-buildtools are needed. used for checking for existence of product environment and populating table files correctly.

Need to put notes up on wiki about the format of the configuration fhicl documents for art (currently only on .

Improvements needed

A method of keeping and managing the task cards is needed. This include an initial process for managing the state of the task card and categorizing it.
Try a tool like Rally or RTC (need Kurt's help with this).

Starting to use the task cards and this has been good.
Need to be able to split the task on a card if it too large or if only part of it is complete.

Starting art fest: start new wiki page with "accomplishments" and have everyone update it.

We did not have the planning session before the work session. This hurt progress.