Cleanup fest IV 13 Oct 2010

Closeout fest 15 Oct 2010


Need instructions for setting up the art development area.
Will be put into the art wiki at
Chris is putting this together, Lynn will need to do the another.

Would like to use a tool for tracking tasks, but that has not happened.

What is done?

  • registry for parameter sets * fhicl has dependency on cetlib

What will we do?

  • (t) namespace names and usage and conventions (scripts for conversion) * (t) private header file dependency issue in installation area problem * (s) need oink completely set up for development work
  • (s) dependencies on cetlib and cetcpp0x libraries (exceptions moved out for example, Walter wants revisit) (most important is libraries) (strings to codes problem might be revisited) * (s) dependency on cetcpp0x as separate step (install and setup)
  • (t) services in one file issue (services still need cleanup, and might be complete already to some extent, some are still questionable) * (t) need Qiming for fhicl status (parameter set class interface overview is one of the things, interactions with registry, persistency of psets) * (t) lots of parameter set usage issues - including injections of extra parameters * (t) art application program needs a lot of work - service registry issues, etc. * (t) plugin manager * (t) bring forward the input module interface changes from the last work session * (t) simple cleanup issues - local variables still refer to lumi blocks * (t) file-in-path solution review * (t) need write-up of UPS setup procedure * (t) message facility start up in art application program (Qiming needed) * (t) tests that do not need art application program running? * (t) art linking (mostly builds now)


  • cetlib and cetcpp0x library installation and release and instructions (shared_ptr and file-in-path are examples of code in here) * what about services that are not plugins? (permanent fixtures) * what are the rules for the plugin file organization? * what needs to be updated in the cmake files to carefully check that fhicl-cpp is properly set up

Necessary things

Need a clear explanation (in a document) of the build, install, deployment, package structures and the purpose and contents of each of the elements or tools that are involved in the process. Example is the main cmake file in art and what version information is contained there, what the art_externals package is for, what setup-for-development should do, where information about what versions of external dependencies are necessary.