Cleanup fest III 27 Sept 2010

See nova requests.


Hi Everyone,

I am talking to Brian Rebel about the use of our generic framework in NOvA.
Recall that this is a drastic change in NOvA offline processing and a
very good opportunity for us. I posted notes at
after a meeting with NOvA offline that outline a number of very important
issues that needs to be addressed before any adoption can take place.
Unfortunately there are time constraints on getting these items addressed.
From the notes, the two big ones are:
Issue 2a,
Issue 2b.

What do you think of reorienting the art fest to get Brian going on NOvA?
This is a fairly large perturbation in the plan because we will be doing some
work on the old "cmslite" framework, and will cause a delay in getting the art
release complete, but it seems to me to be necessary.


Another issue is the Argoneut DAQ file reader.