Cleanup fest 15 Sept 2010

Cleanup 17Sept2010 Closeout

Need estimate of delivery of art release by Friday.



Build issues - first had ~5000 diagnostics, yesterday ~3000, today ~2275.
Sources of problems are the MF and the FHiCL (parameter set ID is a biggy).
Some features not available in main MF header.
Major concerns are: reflex not working properly (weird errors, casting of pointers and const, void args)
edm::Wrapper is source of diagnostics also (functions for Refs, Views)
Source code questions also present. (ROOT 5.26.0d)

Should we be working on the diagnostic issues?


See new rules on wiki at Rules_for_building_installing_and_deploying
Lynn will want to clean up the and establish the cmake build rules for UPS target.


covered the decision of the parameter set id discussion.

Morning work

Exception printing from MF moved to Framework/Utilities.

Should the CMS::Exception class be put into a lower-level utility library that more packages can use?
Is the CMS::Exception too complex for the lower-level libraries?

What exceptions should be thrown by the fhicl library and when?
Rule for what happens when key does not exist and when conversions cannot be done.
For conversions, is anything special done for integral types (size of ints, longs, shorts, etc.)?

For building psets in code - floating point numbers need to be added as strings! Important but overlooked.
Adding parameter sets to parameter sets in code - special case where strings not needed. Walter says this
is a "mild inconsistency". Sequences might not be well defined for adding programatically.
For adding something that exists: Marc want "add or update", Walter says another option is two separate functions.
We should look at the use cases as we work on the code, and determine what is best.

removal of (module)

We need to talk with Philippe to see if we should / could abandon the use of Reflex in favor or some better ROOTy tool.

Things to be resolved

forwarding headers - what is the policy for making / using ?