Working on (unfortunately it is SL 4.x)
Linux SL 5.4 would be preferred
GCC 4.5.1 will be used without the c++0x

ROOT 5.26
Boost 1.42 or greater (Walter votes for 1.44, needs to be built)

In need of newer and greater git UPS product (Marc Mengel)

The art repo is already there: "git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/art".

MF restructuring into three repos:

  • MF (already there) * MF-extensions (new subproject - includes distributed messaging tools, DDS dest, server, viewer) * FHiCL (new project for parameter set stuff) * FHiCL-C++ (new subproject of FHiCL of parser and C++ API)

FHiCL-Ruby and others will be added later.

directory structure

Walter suggests a cpp0x transition directory under the art repository. We proposed making
it a unique package and repo. The files here will be used to facilitate the switch to c++0x.

Issues regards directories: * service registry * framework/bin * ups directory and the development setup scripts that now live there

plugin mechanism

now it does an "ls plug" for candidates, and picks out the module name portion, and records the pair into a map to be used for dlopen of files.