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Below is the summary of accomplishments and open items.

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From: Jim Kowalkowski <>
Date: September 3, 2010 12:07:10 PM CDT
To: Jim Kowalkowski <>
Cc: W E Brown <>, Chris Green <>, Lynn Garren <>, Qiming Lu <>, Marc Paterno <>
Subject: Re: cleanup fest

next work period - 2.5 days  two weeks from now, Tues/Wed/Thurs?

On Sep 3, 2010, at 10:44 AM, Jim Kowalkowski wrote:

1) -----accomplishments
    ready (repository, build, install, productization started)
    parser, parameter set class, parser returns parameter set
    parameter set building through the parameter set API

messagefacility / mf-extensions:
    same status as fhicl-cpp with regards to "ready" 
    core piece and extension piece
    using fhicl-cpp
    DDS destination
    qt tools (on NOvA node)

externals and installation/deployment:
    gcc 4.5 used for all except ROOT (missing for both 32/64)
    32 bit suite on ilcsim complete (native compiler)
    determined rules for product versioning, identification, dependency specification
    initial document of the rules for packaging
    boost 1.42 compliant with rules (result of installing)

    complete restructuring of the source tree including renaming
      code moved to new (git) repository
    investigation of source dependencies, inappropriate dependencies broken
    stripped out EventSetup subsystem
      stripped out unnecessary persistent product templates and products
      stripped out unnecessary inter-product reference templates and classes and supporting infrastructure
    stripped out all bin directories and contents ("art main" moved to Framework/Core)
      all Lumi-related things renamed to SubRun-related names.
    cmake drives build process (huge, rules in place)
    design documents for plugin/factory revamp, both dictionary and module/service areas
      produced simplified design of plugin manager
      produced simplified design of module and service factory system
      produced initial design of top-level framework configuration using FHiCL
      produced simplified design of "forced services" 
      initial versioning scheme (version number put into top-level CMakeLists.txt file)

2) ----unfinished tasks
    determine documentation formats and set of documents that should be present (both input and output)
    produce the necessary documents

    productization completion
    preprocessor needs error detection
    boost 1.44 spirit issue
    additional features will be needed to be complaint with language
    test suite is incomplete (set of test documents needed)
    test target following standard rules for automatically running

messagefacility / mf-extensions:
    productization completion
    qt library productization needed? (upgraded, NOvA is user, is SL4/5 version needed).
    interface documentation completion and deployment

externals and installation/deployment:
    ROOT gcc4.5 build
    64 bit suite completion using gcc4.5 (delayed due to ROOT build)
    refinement of the packaging rules needed
    remaining products need to be made compliant with rules
    final procedures document
    investigate cmake find_package versus simpler commands
    rules and instructions for making a test (standardized test target use)

    instructions for mf integration
    instructions for integrating fhicl-cpp
    message service upgrade / removal and associated changes to "art main" 
    correction in the service interface to be more symmetric and include necessary features
    decisions about repositioning RNG package (service, save state as product, define product)
    make adjustments to source tree based on service interface changes and repackaging
      get everything to build under new system
    validate that stripping is complete
      implementation of new design elements
      implement versioning for libraries within art
      determine how the user specifies paths
    I/O subsystem will require interface changes and testing for new ROOT version
    moving to a newer boost
    further out - complex state machine related to the input source and event processor redo
    further out - run / subrun objects and relationship of files to all the processing objects
    further out - service interface for I/O (merge modes, etc. cleanup)

On Sep 2, 2010, at 10:24 PM, Jim Kowalkowski wrote:

Thanks everyone for helping with the difficult task of performing this
major cleanup step in the generic framework (art).  This work is
very important, since we have been gaining customers, with
more becoming interested.  Without the changes, I think that 
we would soon have a difficult time supporting the current customers
and could not generate new ones.

We need to have a close-out session for the project tomorrow
morning at 9:30am.  I propose we cover the following:
1) list what we have accomplished
2) produce a list of unfinished tasks
3) assign names/deadlines to any policy / procedure / installation documents that need completion
4) brief post-mortem of the cleanup-fest (working together, setting, work schedule, organization, etc.)
5) plan to complete the unfinished business

Thanks again,

In addition, I talked with Walter about the meeting organization.
The format was good, the prep work was absolutely necessary.
Coming into the meeting with a good description of the project and a prioritized list of activities was crucial.
Having a template for doing the meeting prep and orchestrating the meeting will be helpful to improve efficiency, which was already high.
3 days was a good time period for this - no burnout and enough to overcome startup time.
minimum time would need to be two days plus the prep time (smaller group does this)
This is a great way to make progress.
The furniture in the room was bad.
Multiple projected was very important.
We need monitors of good size to work in groups of 2-3.
We need lots of white board space.