2016 Version Timing

larsoft version comparison

The comparison timing tests are run on cluck with local disk.
Notice that there is no appreciable difference in build time when building an older release with the latest cetbuildtools.

Some problems have been found and fixed in art v1_17_07. Comparisons with this release have been added to the tables.

larsoft version art root gcc cetbuildtools j4 j20 notes
v04_18_00 Release Notes 1.15.01 v5_34_30 v4_9_2 v4_12_05 28m 8m stable art
v04_20_00 Release Notes 1.15.02 v5_34_30 v4_9_2 v4_12_06 28m 8m stable release
v04_26_03 v1_15_02 v5_34_30 v4_9_2 v4_14_02 28m 8m stable release
v04_26_03 v1_15_02 v5_34_30 v4_9_2 v4_18_01 29m 8m stable release
v04_27_00 Release Notes 1.16.02 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_14_02 40m 11m problematic release
v04_28_00 Release Notes 1.17.02 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_16_00 40m 10m problematic release
v04_29_00 Release Notes 1.17.03 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_17_00 40m 11m stable release
v04_30_01 v1_17_03 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_17_03 42m 11m stable release
v04_31_00 Release Notes 1.17.05 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_18_01 42m 11m stable release
v04_34_00 Release Notes 1.17.06 v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_18_01 45m 12m stable release
v04_35_00_rc v1_17_07 pre-release v5_34_32 v4_9_3 v4_18_01 34m 10m test build

Note that there is no change in the larreco/RecoAlg code between v04_19_01 and v04_20_00.

larsoft version larreco version size of
v04_18_00 v04_14_00 44M
v04_20_00 v04_15_00 44M
v04_26_03 v04_19_01 46M
v04_27_00 v04_20_00 73M
v04_28_00 v04_21_01 74M
v04_29_00 v04_22_00 74M
v04_30_01 v04_24_01 80M
v04_31_00 v04_26_00 80M
v04_34_00 v04_28_00 81M
v04_35_00_rc v04_28_01_rc 53M

gcc v4_9_2 (e7) vs v4_9_3 (e9)

product gcc j4 j16 j20
root v5_34_32 v4_9_2 - 4m15s -
root v5_34_32 v4_9_3 - 4m17s -
art suite v1_17_05 v4_9_2 27m - 9m
art suite v1_17_05 v4_9_3 27m - 9m