Which gcc to use

The art framework depends on a modern g++ compiler which supports c++11 extensions.

Gcc 4.7.1 is the first compiler to reliably support most of the c++11 extensions, and the full set of products has been built with gcc 4.7.1.

We have found a use case where gcc needs to be built shared rather than static, so we are building a shared library release of gcc 4.8.1

If a package only produces an executable (gccxml, cmake), we use the native compiler.
If a package does not contain any C++ or Fortran code, we also use the native compiler.

We will build the following packages with the native compiler:
  • cmake
  • gccxml
  • python
  • sqlite (debug,prof)
  • gsl (debug,prof)
  • libxml2 (debug,prof)
  • fftw (debug,prof)