System Requirements

In all cases, we recommend pulling the binary build. Building from source should be rare and requires a number of development packages that are not installed by default. Extra requirements for a build from source are listed below.

PLEASE NOTE If rpms or other system level packages are needed, they must be installed by someone with system admin privileges.


RPM-based distributions: Scientific Linux, Scientific Linux Fermi, Scientific Linux Cern, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS.

A binary distribution is available for SLF5 and SLF6. We believe that these binary packages will also work on the Cern and vanilla SL variants. We do not believe any non-default RPMs are required to install the binary distributions, although installing the -devel RPMs is nevertheless advisable if you expect to develop code using art and its external packages (Many ROOT headers need X11 headers, for example).

We recommend use of the checkPrerequisites-<art-suite-version> script available from the download page for each release.

All the required packages should be obtained from the official distribution repository (or the official update repository therefor).


In general, binary distributions will be available for the latest version of Mac OS X currently sanctioned by Fermilab, and the release immediately previous to it.

Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7).

These versions of the OS are not formally supported or tested, but are believed to work. Follow the instructions (or nearest equivalent thereof) for a Mountain Lion source build, below.

Mountain Lion (10.8).

A binary distribution is available for OSX 10.8. You must have Xcode (from the Apple App store), the Xcode command-line tools (from the preferences within Xcode), and Xquartz for both binary distributions and for building from source.

Important note: in particular, if building from source, you must move any MacPorts, homebrew or fink-like installations out of the system areas (e.g. mv /usr/local /usr/ for the duration of the build to avoid baking in non-portable requirements. ROOT will silently pick up the freetype package instead of building its own, for example.

Mavericks (10.9).

Mavericks is supported in the same way as Mountain Lion, detailed above. A binary distribution is available.

Yosemite (10.10).

Yosemite is not yet supported as of October, 2014.