Obtaining tagged sources of art suite packages

This is not something you will normally need to do: our recommended method of obtaining the art_suite is to obtain the binary packages via the download page for each release ( or see the release notes). If you wish to build from source (also see the download page) you will normally be using the buildFW script, which will obtain the correctly source for each art_suite package on demand from its original repository. If you are not using buildFW, then you should use the following CGI script provided by the FNAL Redmine team:<project>.<version>.tbz2
  • <project> may not be the name of the UPS product -- for instance the fhiclcpp has a project name of fhicl-cpp for historical reasons. Other projects may have dashes to represent underscores.
  • <version> is the git tag of the version you require (e.g. v1_08_10).
  • tbz2 may be replaced by tgz or zip as required.
  • As currently implemented, the archive is constructed from inside the top level as the repository, as per the default usage of the git archive command. A forthcoming improvement will provide a prefix option to stream everything within a top-level directory of the specified name.