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Installing code


Install all headers in this directory. These will be installed in <product-dir>/include
Default extensions: .h .hh .H .hpp .icc


Install all source code in this directory.
Since the source code is not distributed, this is used with debug builds.
Use this to echo the source code directory tree in <product-dir>/source


Install scripts in the package binary directory.
Default extensions: .sh .py .pl .rb


Install fhicl scripts in <product-dir>/fcl
Default extensions: .fcl

options for the install macros

The SUBDIRS option allows you to search subdirectories (e.g. a detail subdirectory)

The EXTRAS option is intended to allow you to pick up extra files not otherwise found.
Extra files should be specified by relative path (eg f1, subdir1/f2, etc.).

The EXCLUDES option will exclude the specified files from the installation list.

The LIST option allows you to install from a list.
When LIST is used, we do not search for other files to install.
Note that the LIST and SUBDIRS options are mutually exclusive.


install_source( [SUBDIRS subdirectory_list] 
                [EXTRAS extra_files] 
                [EXCLUDES exclusions] )

install_source( LIST file_list )

install_headers( [SUBDIRS subdirectory_list] 
                 [EXTRAS extra_files]
                 [EXCLUDES exclusions] )

install_headers( LIST file_list )

install_fhicl( [SUBDIRS subdirectory_list]
               [EXTRAS extra_files]
               [EXCLUDES exclusions] )

install_fhicl( LIST file_list )

install_scripts( [SUBDIRS subdirectory_list]
                 [EXTRAS extra_files]
                 [EXCLUDES exclusions] )

install_scripts( LIST file_list )