Historical qualifiers

The "a" series.

Some older primary qualifiers implied more about the particular packages upon which a given package may depend. This was decided to be too constraining and was eventually abandoned.

Qualifier gcc cmake boost clhep python root Notes
a1 4.5.x 2.6.4 1.45.0
a2 4.5.x 2.8.4 1.45.0 2.4.2 5.28.00.p02
a3 4.5.x 2.8.4 1.46.1 2.7.2
a4 4.6.x 2.8.4 1.46.1 2.7.2 5.30.02 Release 1.00.06 of ART used boost 1.47.0.
a5 4.6.x 2.8.4 1.48.0 2.7.2 5.30.02
a6 4.6.x 2.8.4 1.49.0 2.7.2 5.30.02 No release of ART with this qualifier.
a7 4.6.x 2.8.4 1.49.0 2.7.2 5.30.06
a8 4.7.x 2.8.8 1.50.0 2.7.3 5.34.01

Disused secondary qualifiers.

Qualifier Meaning Notes
gccXY Built with gcc X.Y.n This package may contain compiled C++ or FORTRAN 77, but not C++2011 or more modern Fortran.
Retired in favor of gccXYZ
mu2e Is or uses ROOT compiled with "mu2e" configuration The mu2e build of root used to depend on a number of products that are not used in any way by art.
Mutually exclusive with nu.
Retired when the "vanilla" variant of ROOT acquired the attributes of the "mu2e" variant (RooFit enabled).