(Build packages required by art) (Build a distributable ups) (Building art externals)
(Building extra packages for the neutrino experiments) (Building extra packages for Mu2e)
(Building CET packages and art)

Building CET packages

These instructions should be considered obsolete. Please see the download page for the art distribution.

<product-dir> is the fully qualified path to your external packages directory.

  • The build order is very important.
  • We recommend that you look at the various log files after they are created.

1. Make sure you have ups installed in your <product-dir>

Build a distributable ups

2. Make sure the packages required by art have been built

Building art externals

3. Build any optional packages

For instance, if you want the neutrino experiment build, then you will need nu_extras.
Other projects may have a different set of extra packages.

Building extra packages for the neutrino experiments
Building extra packages for Mu2e

4. Setup the environment

For the purposes of this build, make sure that the PRODUCTS variable only points to <product-dir>.
This variable is used in the build scripts.

source <product-dir>/setup
bash: export PRODUCTS=<product-dir>
tcsh: setenv PRODUCTS <product-dir>

Get and unwind the art_suite source code tarball:

curl -O<version>-source.tar.bz2
tar xf art_suite-<version>-source.tar.bz2

5. Build everything except art

There are 3 available build types: opt, debug, and prof.
If you are unsure which to use, start by building for debug.
We have found very little difference in performance between opt and prof,
and therefore recommend building prof (for profile) for increased performance.

You MUST specify either debug, opt, or prof for all CET build scripts.
We will refer to this as <extra_qual> in the directions below.

cd $PRODUCTS/art_suite/<art-version>/
./ <extra_qual> >& log.buildCET.<extra_qual> &

Make sure you check the log file before proceeding.

6. Build art

At this point, you need to decide if you want the basic build of art, art as used by NOvA, or art as used by Mu2e. The difference is just which version of ROOT is used.

cd $PRODUCTS/art_suite/<art-version>/
./ <qualifier> <extra_qual> >& log.buildArt.<qualifier>.<extra_qual> &

At this time (April 2013), the recognized qualifiers are e2 (basic), nu, and mu2e.