Build packages required by art.

Art, like most other software packages, has external dependencies. In order to ensure a consistent software ecosystem, art expects particular versions of these packages to be made available via the "relocatable UPS package management system. We provide pre-built binary versions of these dependencies (including UPS) for (currently) "Redhat Enterprise"-like systems (RHEL5 and RHEL6) and Mac OSX 10.8 (Darwin 12). If you have one of these systems, please use the binary packages (get the art binary distributions). If you have a different system (OSX 10.7, Ubuntu or Debian, for example) you will need to build from source.

[ Note that some external packages produce pkgconfig files. Since we support cmake, not pkgconfig, these files will most likely fail if you attempt to use pkgconfig with our product distributions. ]

These instructions should be considered obsolete. Please see the download page for the art distribution.

For current and future releases (art suite >=1.08.10):

Note that you should access the download page for each release: (link may be found in the release notes for each release, findable from the art wiki). The download page contains links to the release-specific scripts referenced in the instructions below.

Follow these steps in order:
  • Review System Requirements.
  • Locate the "Source Code Distributions" section of the art download page for your release, as described above. Follow the instructions to download and run the following scripts:
  • checkPrerequisites-<version>.
  • downloadSource-<version>.sh. Note that sources for the art_suite packages are not obtained this way, but rather by the buildFW-<version> script below, on demand. If you need to obtain these sources independently, please see obtaining tagged sources of art_suite packages.
  • buildFW-<version>.

For releases prior to art suite 1.08.10:

Follow these steps in order:
  • requires ups and cmake
  • requires ups and the external packages
  • the CET build of art for nu requires some of these packages
  • requires ups and the "art externals" packages
  • the CET build of art for Mu2e requires the Mu2e root
  • requires ups and the "art external" packages
  • includes building art