Build on MacOSX

These are old notes. art v1_08_04 and above build on MacOSX.

The build of a static gcc does not work well on MacOSX.
In addition, we have found a Linux use case that appears to require the standard shared-library build of gcc.
So, this work is done with gcc 4.7.3, built shared.
This work is done on a machine that does not have macports installed. (not public)


Scripts are now standardized

First steps

  • cd /Users/garren/unix/externals
  • get
  • tar xf
  • cd art_externals/v0_07_00
  • edit to build ups v4_9_8_rc6
  • ./ /Users/garren/unix/externals

Build gcc

  • source /Users/garren/unix/externals/setup
  • cd $PRODUCTS/gcc/v4_7_3
  • ./ >& log.buildGCC &

Build nearly everything else

  • get really brave
  • cd $PRODUCTS/art_externals/v0_07_00
  • ./ $PRODUCTS e3 debug
  • status of build
  • problem with boost
  • clhep OK
  • cppunit OK
  • fftw OK
  • gccxml complete failure
  • libsigcpp OK
  • libxml2 OK ?
  • python OK
  • sqlite OK
  • problem with tbb