Technical documentation

A Survey of Data Models

04/25/2012 10:50 AM

This document presents a high-level survey of the data models used by several HEP experiments, identifying several common features and several points of difference between those models.

CMS Core Software Re-engineering Roadmap

04/25/2012 10:52 AM

This is an example "road map" document, in which we describe in detail a large software project. This includes sections on requirements, architecture, analysis, design, and development. This style document is a precursor to our current form of documentation, which covers these topics (and more), but in several smaller and more well-focused documents.

CMS Framework Re-design: Two Proposals

04/25/2012 10:56 AM

This document is the follow-up document to CMS Framework Re-design: Snakes and Trees. Feedback from the earlier document helped us to more clearly define the questions CMS needed to answer. This document described two options for meeting those needs. The discoveries made in writing this document helped lead to the workshop in which the re-engineering of the CMS core software was decided upon.

Software Infrastructure Support for Analysis

04/25/2012 10:49 AM

This paper discusses the experiences of use of the CDF and D0 reconstruction and analysis frameworks, and derives from those experiences several lessons regarding the design of frameworks for event processing.

John Hughes's "Why Functional Programming Matters"

10/25/2011 01:37 PM

These are Marc's slides for the October 25, 2011 session of the "Neat Things for Programmers" series, based on John Hughes's seminal paper, "Why Functional Programming Matters".

CMS Framework Re-design: Snakes and Trees

04/25/2012 10:53 AM

This document was intended to generate comment and discussion with a view to converging on a direction for the CMS framework re-design. This discussion resulted in CMS Framework Re-design: Two Proposals.

Software product building and management requirements

06/18/2014 01:59 PM

Requirements for Software Product Building and Management. The last in the list is the newest one.

MinBias generation configuration file.

04/25/2012 10:05 AM

This is the MinBias generation configuration file used to generate my 1000 event sample on cmswn1340. This was used in CMSSW_3_2_1, under slc4_ia32_gcc432.

Core CMS Event-Processing Software Re-engineering

04/25/2012 10:49 AM

This document is a record of the design decisions made at a workshop discussing the re-engineering of the CMS core software, held in November of 2004. This design document lead to the eventual re-engineering of the CMS core software; the resulting product is the infrastructure now in use by the CMS experiment.

Reference documentation

FNAL LSST Vision Goals Statement - 2011

06/19/2013 11:34 AM

A statement of possible projects that FNAL might be involved with regarding LSST from 2011.

FNAL LSST Vision Goals Statement Addendum - 2011

06/19/2013 11:35 AM

This is a addendum to the LSST vision and goals document that highlights benefits and issues regarding projects that we might become involved with.

Technical Review

D0 Muon Reconstruction Review

04/25/2012 10:38 AM

This is a summary of our review of the D0 muon reconstruction code. It is a detailed review of a moderately large system.

MINOS Software Review

04/25/2012 10:42 AM

This document summarizes our findings from participation in a 1-day review of the MINOS software. It shows how our typical format can be modified to handle a non-typical use.

D0 Global Tracking Review

04/25/2012 10:36 AM

This is the summary of our review of the D0 Global Tracking (trf++) software. This is a good example of a review of a very large system, which necessitates taking a high-level view of the software. In reviewing such a large system, we usually find it advantageous to focus in depth on one, or a few, typical classes, to illustrate the sort of problems we find common in the system being reviewed; this review document shows such an analysis in the "Examples" section.


04/25/2012 10:46 AM

This document summarizes a review, on behalf of CMS, of Rene Brun's proposal for a C++ MATHLIB. It is an example of how our review document template can be modified to handle review of a software proposal rather than a software product.

Minimization Package Review

04/25/2012 10:39 AM

This is a summary of the review we conducted of the (FNAL) Minimization library, a facility for the numerical minimization of functions. Unlike most of our reviews, this review was commissioned with specific questions to be answered. This document shows how we tailor our standard format to meet such a demand.


04/25/2012 10:40 AM

This summary of a review of the NEUGEN OO package was written for MINOS by Marc, Mark Fischler and Panagiotis Spentzouris. This document summarizes the findings of a 1-day review; this is not an example of our normal review procedure.

Summary of the Unpacking and packing Software Review

04/25/2012 10:39 AM

This is a review of the D0 (raw data) packing and unpacking software. This is a very brief review. It shows how our standard review format can be scaled down to meet the needs of a small review.

Preparatory Notes for the CMS Infrastructure Review

04/25/2012 10:52 AM

This document contains some preliminary analysis of the CDF and D0 frameworks. It was written in preparation for the workshop in which Core CMS Event-Processing Software Re-engineering was written.

RNJ Review Summary

04/25/2012 10:43 AM

This document is a summary of a review of a project proposal. As such, it has a different format from those of our software (product) reviews. It shows an adaptation of our review document format to handle reviews of proposals.

RTES Supercomputing 2003 Review

04/25/2012 10:47 AM

This is a summary of a review, on behalf of BTeV, of some software products from the RTES project. It is a moderate-sized adaptation of our typical review template.

CDF Calorimeter Review Summary

04/25/2012 10:16 AM

This is one of the earliest detailed reviews that Jim and Marc conducted together; the review document shows a very early form of our evolving document style.

CdfTrackSet Review Summary

04/25/2012 10:34 AM

This document shows the level of detail necessary for the thorough review of a single class (which must also include some analysis of closely related classes, since no interesting class lives in isolation). Although brief compared to some of the other reviews, this document still shows all the parts of our review document format.

Summary of the DH IO Modules Review

04/25/2012 10:18 AM

This is the summary of a very brief review of the CDF data handling (DH) modules, conducted by Marc. The style of the review was very different from most of our (detailed) reviews, and so the document is unlike most of our review documents. The actual review materials appear only in appendix A....

Physics Object Review

04/25/2012 10:22 AM

This is the summary of our review of the CDF High Level Object (HLO, or physics object) software. Two of us (Jim and Marc) conducted this review in collaboration with two CDF physicists.

N.B. This document was missing from oink Redmine DB, and therefore could not be transferred....

Simulation Review

04/25/2012 10:26 AM

This is a review of the CDF simulation code, including a proposed (and later accepted) redesign of the simulation framework. Jim and Marc conducted this review in association with a CDF physicist. The proposed redesign is the product of Jim and Marc. This document shows the fully-developed format for our review documents.

MicroBooNE Reco Profiling Illustrations (March 3, 2015)

03/09/2015 11:02 AM

These are callgrind Caller Map plots of the MicroBooNE reco2D and reco3D execution rooted at art::EventProcessor::processorEvent(). They are generated from a 20 event sample of neutrinos overlaid with cosmics.

Document Template

CET Subsystem Template

04/25/2012 11:08 AM

This template is useful for defining a new project. It contains many things that should be considered when starting a project, including use cases and architectural overview.


05/30/2012 09:54 AM

The instructions contained here define the type of work that needs to be documented and how the work will be documented. The template is to be used for technical documentation.


05/30/2012 09:56 AM

A template for a new project (tex version of the wonderful subsystem document).


05/30/2012 09:56 AM

An outline of the roadmap document.

CET Code Review Form

04/25/2012 11:09 AM

Template for code review reports.