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Daniel Ruterbories, 02/22/2020 10:50 AM


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Centralized Anatuple Processing (In order of newest!)

Base directory is here: /pnfs/minerva/persistent/users/drut1186/CCQENu_Anatuples

  • MuonKludge_MuonKludge_FixedNoRecoilBug_BlobUpdate (COMPLETE - Anti-neutrino ONLY)
    • Description:
      • Run with the Muon kludge which removes the 0.08 MC energy scale correction and instead applies the 1.036 correction factor to data.
      • Run with the AnaUtil correction reducing the Muon energy scale uncertainty from 2% down to 0.984%
      • Fix major bug in reconstruction. See docDB XYZ from September 20th,2019 Friday meeting, by Andrew.
      • This sample has all of *MuonKludge_SmallerScaleUnc_UpdatedProtonVariables.
      • CCQENu.cpp (1.26), AnaBlobUtils.cpp (1.4), CCQENuRecoUtils.cpp(1.5), Rec/BlobFormation updated to include NeutronBlobUtils.cpp (1.17) and NeutronBlobUtils.h (1.12)
      • Known to be missing:
      • What this should be used for: Tejin's blobing study or other analyses which need the latest blobber code - Anti-Nu ONLY
    • Filelists: