Using Jenkins

First Steps

  • Jenkins jobs are controlled through the Jenkins dashboard
    • You will need a valid CIlogon certificate to access the site.
  • In order to run a job on Jenkins, you must be authorized.
    • If you see "anonymous" or anything other than your full name (e.g., Jill User) in the upper right corner, you are not fully authorized.
    • Submit a service desk ticket and make Patrick Gartung a watcher.


  • There are a number of tabs across the top of the page.
    • These tabs are used to organize jobs by group so that it is easy to find your job.
    • Please make sure that any jobs you add are in some group.
    • Some existing groups:
      • Art: Build art and related distributions such as mu2e and nu
      • LArSoft: Build and test LArSoft code
      • GENIE: GENIE development work, not to be confused with relocatable ups builds
      • artdaq: Build artdaq and related distributions, such as darkmon
  • Slave build machines are listed along the left of the dashboard under "Build Executor Status".
    • Check this column to see what is currently running.
  • The dashboard gives you a summary build status for each job. Click on an individual job for more information.